Photo Gallery 

Why not have a look at our photo gallery and see for yourself some of the ideas we can offer you in your garden, the possibilities are endless, if you have an idea we can develop it for you or if you don't know what you require for your garden G.A. Garden Services will provide ideas for you.

Our portfolio of projects below will give you an idea of what we can provide for you.

These are a selection of projects which have been carried out over the last year.


This project was a delight to complete with the client choosing a Porcelain Slab for their Patio in Marshalls 'Symphony Classic' Barley with a Black Edging and to complete the look a Porcelain Slab in a Wood Plank Effect Circle.

Porcelain Patio Barley with Charcoal Porcelain Edging Collage
Porcalein Patio Barley with Charcoal Pocalain edging
Porcalein Patio Barley with Charcoal Pocalain edging and Wood Effect Porcalain Planks


For this project the client required a Pine Batton fence which would hide there existing shed, Peter created this with an integrated door to match. A Boundary fence in Tongue and Groove boards was also installed which the client pained Cuprinol Seagrass.

Hidden Shed using Pine Batton fencing with a cedar stain
Tounge and Groove Fencing with matching Gate 2a
Tounge and Groove Fencing - Seagrass


With this project the client was looking for something with a low maintenance theme, Peter designed some drawings which included raised bed's along with composite decking and a water feature. This is the result, its ideal for pottering around whether you have mobility issues of are wheelchair bound and can be planted out with sensory plants for feel and scent of filled with vegetables of your choice.

The beds can be designed to a height that suits your needs, giving the the freedom to plant, weed and enjoy the outdoors anytime.

Raised bed with composit decking and water feature 7
Raised bed with composit decking and water feature 1 4
Raised bed with composit decking and water feature 1 2
Raised bed with composit decking and water feature 1


For this project the clients had a large fuel storage tank which they wanted to hide but still required access to, we fitted a Trellis around the tank and laid a buff textured slab with pea gravel to finish the effect.

Trellis hiding tank buff textured slabs and pea gravel 1 6
Trellis hiding tank buff textured slabs and pea gravel 1 4
Trellis hiding tank buff textured slabs and pea gravel 1
Trellis hiding tank buff textured slabs and pea gravel 1 2


A simple patio can make a stunning statement with this Marshalls Fairstone Flamed Narias in Autumn Bronze. The client was delighted with the Honed Finish.

Polished Indian Sandstone


This garden was an interesting project, the client wanted to break up the view of the boundary walls as well as having a seating area and patio created which would match the walls and be a subtle addition to the garden. A Marshalls Fairstone Sawn Versuro Slab was chosen in Antique Silver.

The walls had trellis added so that climbers could be planted and create a soft  break in the eyeline.

Retinted 1
Retinted 3
Retinted 2


Our client on this project had a smaller garden that they wanted to give a new lease of life, they chose a Marshalls Riven Indian Sandstone in Brown Multi Creating a feeling of having more space in their garden. Steps were also created to finish the look.

Indian Sandstone Random Patern 10
Indian Sandstone Random Patern 2
Indian Sandstone Random Patern 3
Indian Sandstone Random Patern 1
Indian Sandstone Random Patern wit Steps


This project was a little more unusual, the client requested that we build an Aluminum Pergola to create a shaded area for sitting in their patio, as you can see this had a lovely effect on their seating area.

aluminium Pergolla


Here you can see the client chose a Marshalls Indian Sandstone Patio in Gray Multi.

Indian Sandstone Gray Multi 4
Indian Sandstone Gray Multi 2
Indian Sandstone Gray Multi 1
Indian Sandstone Gray Multi 3


Below you can see a selection of some of our projects from previous years.

Circle Slab
patio circle walling path
Reflection Pond with manicured Lawn and Topery Hedge
Rosarium with boxed hedging and lawn
Paving Circle Kit
Saxon Buff Circle and Patio 1
Raised Patio Area
Gray Granite Fountain
Saxon Paving
Raised Decking Platform
Garden Landscaping Services


Check out our work in progress shots to give you an idea of how your garden

can be transformed into something you love

Sleeper Steps with a patio and lawn

This garden was transformed from a tired place where the client did not know what he wanted to do with the space into this lovely patio with sleeper steps up to a raised lawn. This was complimented with a ranch fence and patio area for the shed.